NXT by name, next by nature

GameChanger NXT is the high-end workstation solution for situations that demand maximum performance and functionality.

NXT was the first desking range in the GameChanger family (along with KIS), which itself was our very first office furniture concept. So it’s where it all began. And today NXT still offers bags of unique user-oriented features in a one-of-a kind, upscale design.

For example, instead of spreading horizontally, NXT rises vertically to make the most efficient use of all your available space. These vertical ‘ladders’, as we call them, provide support for vertical privacy screens and desk accessories on three sides. They also provide support for personal locker storage and a PC tower down below. The result is a snugly enclosed private yet open-plan desking solution with oodles of storage within an amazingly compact footprint.

The big idea
Business is changing. Life is changing. Yet office furniture remains stuck in the past: too expensive; too inflexible; too difficult to order and assemble. We think it’s time to change that. Our idea? Create innovative, high quality furniture that works the way we do today. Make it easy to plan and buy. Make it affordable for more companies and organisations.

The result is a GameChanger: inspiring systems for creating, writing, meeting, dreaming and working. All of them environmentally smart. All of them created by a leading German designer and proudly made in South Africa.

Our ambition is to be the number one choice for thinking people who want to work in a better world.
Join us.