It began with a question:
How can we make a deluxe desk you’ll love, at a price you’ll love even more?

The workplace is changing. Today’s leaders don’t want to sit behind closed doors amid dark, graceless furniture. You’re visible and connected. You lead from the front. You have a great eye for contemporary design, quality materials and real craftsmanship. So why doesn’t your desk look beautiful and feature sublime tactile details? Because it can…

Sleek German design
We began by asking acclaimed German industrial designer Stefan Brodbeck to work with us on creating a range of sleek, aluminium-framed desks that emphasise their high-end design. Desks that not only look beautiful and distinctive, and feel great to the touch, but which also work the way you do. Connectedly. Seamlessly.

Made with love in South Africa
Next we asked our world-class team here in South Africa – product development, manufacturing, marketing, logistics, quality control, environmental standards and everyone else involved – to make a product that would meet the highest international standards.

The result is BigWig Evoke, and an inspiring environment for working, meeting and dreaming. The desk you’ll love at a price you’ll love even more